Acer Considering a Gaming Smartwatch

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Acer Considering a Gaming Smartwatch

We already know that not everyone wants a smartwatch, although their popularity is on the rise. We also know even fewer actually use one to play games. But is that because they don’t want to play games on it or the platform has to offer a smartwatch that can provide a decent gaming experience? It seems Acer is betting on the latter and believes there is a niche of smartwatch owners out there that would game if the device was designed to do just that.

Acer may be working on a new smartwatch that has been described as a “smartwatch for the gaming market.” This news comes from DigiTimes quoting a Chinese report so take this news for what it is right now – a rumor. Still, it is an interesting one.

While this may sound like a pipe dream, Acer already has the Predator line that covers desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, monitors and even smartphones. So it just makes sense that they extend that line to include smartwatches as well. However, producing a viable gaming smartwatch won’t be easy.

This new rumor doesn’t go into any detail about Acer’s definition of a gaming smartwatch or what they plan to do with a new smartwatch if they do, in fact, produce and release one on the market. Everything for now is purely speculation. Some doubt they will make a watch that allows you to play games, instead focusing on the more social aspects of gaming, although this has been done before by Razer with mixed results at best.

Acer does have much experience in the wearables market, mainly with their focus in the past on fitness wearables, such as the Leap Fit. However, none of their devices have reached smartwatch status and currently they don’t use Android Wear for any of their wearables, severely limiting what the devices can actually do.

If, in fact, a Predator branded smartwatch is coming, Acer may use the IFA technology show in Berlin to first showcase the watch. This show starts in the beginning of September, meaning we won’t have to wait too long to see if this rumor proves to be true or not. Acer’s Twitter account has already said to be prepared to see “endless possibilities” as it prepares to release new products. What those new products will be and if it will actually include a smartwatch or a gaming smartwatch remains to be seen. Still, if anyone is going to release a gaming smartwatch, Acer is probably the company to make it a reality.

So, as smartwatch fans what do you think about the idea of a gaming smartwatch? I must admit I am a little skeptical. Still, it is good to see companies looking at new ways to make use of this relatively new wearable technology. Whether this proves to be a popular choice for smartwatches, remains to be seen. But I’m still glad they are trying. Do you think this type of smartwatch will be a hit with the gaming community or will it fall flat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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