Extra Battery Could Make it to the Samsung Gear S4

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Extra Battery Could Make it to the Samsung Gear S4

So far we have heard very little about the next smartwatch from Samsung, but a new patent suggests Samsung could be working on some interesting innovations for the Samsung Gear S4. In two new patents, first discovered by LetsGoDigital, it seems Samsung is working on a new position for an extra battery as well as added security with your fingerprint.

Battery In the Strap

So where will Samsung add the extra battery? In the strap, of course. The new patent shows a flexible battery included in the strap on either side of the watch face. This new technology will allow Samsung to place batteries in a variety of materials, including leather, rubber and polymer. So it sounds like you won’t be limited on the type of strap you buy, although third party straps probably won’t contain an extra battery.

Added Strap Tech

With the new battery technology, Samsung may also be planning to including extra tech within the straps. There are many ideas being floated around for this tech. They include a camera, fingerprint scanner, an extra heart rate monitor, and even proximity and infrared technology.

Rotating Sub-Display

On top of this new battery technology, it appears Samsung is also working on a sub-display for the smartwatch. In this setup, there would be a rotating bezel around the watch that can display information and even be used to control the smartwatch. While rotating bezels are nothing new, making this bezel a second type of display could drastically change how we navigate through the smartwatch, and it could give us even more information available to us by just glancing down at the watch.

Will This Tech Be Ready for the Samsung Gear S4?

The big question will be if this new tech will be ready for the next version of the Samsung Gear watch. The Samsung Gear S3 was touted as one of the best smartwatches of 2017, and many believed that we would already have an announcement for the Samsung Gear S4. So far, that hasn’t happened. But many in the field believe that we could see an announcement sometime during the first quarter of 2018. With an announcement that close, this new technology may not be ready for mainstream just yet. But we will have to wait and see.


The Samsung Gear S3 has been one of my favorite smartwatch releases, even if the watch itself was a little on the large side. Many people, including me, have high hopes for their next release. Needless to say, the Samsung Gear S4 is widely anticipated and Samsung needs to capitalize on its popularity in the smartwatch world while it can. The question becomes, will they be able to deliver?

What do you think? Will Samsung be able to surpass the popularity of the Gear S3 with the Gear S4? Do you like the idea of an extra battery on a new smartwatch to give you even more battery life out of your device? Tell me your thoughts on this and the Samsung smartwatches in general in the comments below.

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