Fitbit CEO Confident in New Smartwatch

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Fitbit CEO Confident in New Smartwatch

It’s no secret Fitbit is working on a new smartwatch. The company has been scooping up some of its small smartwatch rivals for months now in order to do it. Today, we know they are working on a new watch, and there have been rumors that things weren’t going so well with the development. However, the Fitbit CEO, James Park, has come out to say that the smartwatch is on track and will deliver.

“The product is on track to meet our expectations and the expectations that we’ve set for investors,” Mr Park said. “It’s going to be, in my opinion, our best product yet.”

It’s no secret that Fitbit is feeling the pressure. After all, the Apple Watch continues to dominate the market and at the same time low cost alternatives are squeezing the company from both ends.

According to Park, this smartwatch will feature improved health tracking, and will continue to focus on health, while at the same time bringing new features to the table such as better sleep tracking and even longer battery life. Early rumors state that the watch will last for a few days on a charge, easily beating out the Apple Watch.

GPS will also feature on the device and is considered a must have for fitness runners, cyclists, and even walkers. “There is a lot of engineering that went into still having a really sleek form factor while also having industry-leading performance on the GPS front,” Park said.

They are even spending time on the music front, as Fitbit believes listening to music is a huge part of a health focused smartwatch, as most fitness enthusiasts enjoy jamming out to their favorite songs while they burn calories. “We are definitely focused on figuring out how to best integrate music into the fitness experience for people,” Park said.

One thing Fitbit is shooting for is approval from the FDA. The company believes the watch can offer more accurate data to aid people with chronic conditions. The goal is to make people view this device as a must just like a seatbelt in a car. “Getting approved by the FDA and going down that pathway is something we wholeheartedly embrace,” Park said. “The exciting thing about larger form-factor devices is it allows us to have those capabilities and unlock them over time.”

Rumors have been making their rounds around the blogosphere about delays and problems with the development. However, according to Park, everything is right on schedule. “Everything is going to plan,” he said. “We set guidance at the beginning of the year. Nothing has changed . . . If it had, we would have to readjust guidance to reflect that and we haven’t.”

Still, we won’t know what it’s really like until the product is released, and the company is keeping a tight lid on many details. Needless to say, we will just have to wait and see.

Are you looking forward to a new Fitbit smartwatch? Do you think Fitbit has what it takes to compete with Apple? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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