Five Things You Should Look For When Selecting a Smartwatch

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I spend a lot of time on this site talking about the different benefits and specs of smartwatches. All you have to do is take a look at the buying guides and you will understand what I mean. However, there is more to it than just specs and power. There are other factors you should consider when buying a smartwatch.

Today, let’s examine five things you should look for when selecting a smartwatch that may not be covered in most reviews and buying guides you will find online. Hopefully, these will help you not only select a smartwatch that is powerful, but also one that will meet your specific needs.

Software Features

First and foremost, you need to look at the software features available on the smartwatch. Every smartwatch is different, and while they all come with many similar features, you will find some that opt for one feature over another. Some may have a heart rate monitor, for example, while others don’t. Some will allow you to send texts and emails while others will only let you read them. Look at these features and decide which ones are important to you. Then you can narrow down your list to choose a smartwatch you will love.

Phone Compatibility

Once you decide on features, you need to consider the smartwatch’s compatibility with your smartphone. Remember, in order for these watches to be most effective, you need to connect them via Bluetooth to your smartphone. However, not all smartwatches are compatible with all smartphones. Some won’t connect at all while others will connect but only offer a fraction of the total available features. For example, an Apple Watch needs an iPhone to be effective. Some Pebble watches will connect to both but offer more features on one platform or another. Double check to be sure the smartwatch you are choosing is compatible with your mobile phone. If it isn’t, then you will need to check out other options for your smartwatch of choice.


This may sound crazy, but overall smartwatches tend to be larger than a traditional watch. Others can be quite a bit larger. That means that if you have small wrists, some smartwatches may not fit or they may just look ridiculous on your arm. While I’m sure you want to emphasize function over fashion, you probably don’t want to look silly with a giant smartwatch on your arm. Before you buy, try visiting a store and checking out the sizes of the smartwatches you want to make sure it will be a good fit on your wrist.

Battery Life

Not every smartwatch battery is made alike. In fact, the batteries on smartwatches are probably the one spec that seems to vary the most. You will find watches that will last you maybe 12-18 hours all the way to batteries that can last for days. The trick is finding a watch with a long battery life that includes the features and compatibility that you need. This can be tricky, but with a little careful research, you should be able to find one that will suit your needs.


This is an interesting one. Most smarwatches range somewhere between $150 and $300, although you do have watches that go higher and lower than that. There are even luxury smartwatches that can cost you thousands of dollars. Remember, these ultra-pricey watches don’t really offer anything more when it comes to features, but you do get better overall design and materials. The cheaper smartwatches, on the other hand, often are built much more cheaply and could even remove some software features in order to hit that very low price point. Look at your budget and decide what you want to spend before you start shopping. Then, only look at those smartwatches in your price range while avoiding the temptation of those low end budget watches or the ultra-expensive luxury watches.

Final Thoughts

Remember, there is more to selecting the perfect smartwatch than just basic features and raw power. You need to make sure it will work with your smartphone and come with all the features you need. On top of that, it will need to last you throughout the day and even fit your wrist. By incorporating this list into your mind while you shop, you should be able to find the right balance between specs and how it will meet your needs.

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