New HTC Android Wear Smartwatch Leak

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New HTC Android Wear Smartwatch Leak

HTC has had a long on again, off again history with the smartwatch. However, things now seem to really be back on as a new photo leak has revealed a new Android Wear Smartwatch from HTC. You can take a first look at the watch in the picture above.

The smartwatch pictures in the photos is said to be codenamed “Halfbeak,” and it is an Android Wear smartwatch in development by HTC. It should be noted that the accuracy of this information should be questioned, as everything is purely rumor as of right now, and HTC has not released any information about this upcoming smartwatch.

One interesting note that you will find in this picture is the Under Armour branding. This more than likely means that this watch will be all about fitness. While we don’t know a lot of details as of this moment, we can probably guess that this watch will include a heart rate sensor and other exercise friendly apps and design choices to make your workout routine much easier.

No one is sure what HTC has planned for this smartwatch, or what other features it will have. The only thing we do know is the plan is to use a 360 x 360 circular screen. An even bigger question is when exactly will this smartwatch ship. Given how tight lipped HTC has remained on the subject, you can guess it is still in early development and they aren’t ready to release any details.

The final design of the watch may not be even what we see here. Everything is subject to change. However, HTC has a long history of developing high quality technology, especially smartphones. As a company, their finances aren’t in the best of shape but the move into the smartwatch category really just seems like the next logical step for the company. And it could help re-establish themselves as a leader in the mobile technology market. Of course, we will have to wait and see what HTC plans to do. After all, they have canceled smartwatch projects before, so who knows if this one will ever reach the market.

While we certainly hope they do enter the smartwatch arena, there is no word yet on when they will. We don’t even know what the final design will look like if they do. Still, it’s nice to see news of other companies looking at throwing their hat into the smartwatch arena. Let’s just hope they look at other failed attempts before they do. After all, we want them to be a success in order to grow the market like never before.

This latest news from HTC could mean an interesting future for smartwatches, if it proves to be true. Still, we will have to wait patiently and see if there is any truth to it at all or if this is just another rumor. Hopefully, HTC will let us know very soon.

What do you think about this news? Would you like to see a new HTC smartwatch or do we have market that is crowded enough? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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