Samsung Gear S3 Availability Announced

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It’s been two months since Samsung first announced their next generation smartwatch, and now the company has revealed that you won’t have to wait much longer to get your hands on their next generation smartwatch.

For those Samsung faithful that have weathered the Note 7 problems and now the Samsung washing machine issues, the company has now revealed when you can finally get your hands on this much anticipated smartwatch.

The company announced this past week that both the Frontier and the Classic models of the Gear S3 will be available for preorder on Saturday, November 6 and they will be available to purchase on November 18. If you are looking for a retail store that will have the smartwatch, you can check out Best Buy, Macy’s, Amazon, and

The Gear S3 continues the design of its predecessor by using a round screen with a rotatable bezel that is used as the input mechanism. Prices will start at $349 and will increase from there.

“Consumers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a smartwatch that operates even without their phone,” said Gary Riding, senior vice president of Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “With the LTE capability of Gear S3 it is easy to make or receive phone calls and read or reply to texts and notifications, so they can stay connected while leaving their phone behind.”

When the watch is first released, it will be compatible with all Android smartphones running Android 4.4 or newer, but the rumored iOS support is still not there. That could come as a later update, but for now you will have to pair it with an Android device to take full advantage of all its features.

This is also the first Samsung smartwatch to include full support for Samsung Pay. This means that it offers NFC payments much like the Apple Watch and MST technology to support Samsung Pay. This keeps pace with the rest of Samsung’s devices that have shipped with this support for the last two years.

Here is a closer look at the full specs of the Samsung Gear S3:


While you still have a couple of weeks to wait for the smartwatch to officially be released, many retailers are already including it on their sites and it is available for preorder. Samsung is definitely in need of a win after the recent reports of problems with various devices manufactured by the company that has resulted in wide spread recalls across the globe. If the S3 shapes up to be as good as it looks, this could be the win Samsung is looking for today.

What do you think about the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch? Do you think Samsung has done enough to improve the design of the Gear S2 or should have they come up with something new for their next generation smartwatch? Tell me your thoughts on this and anything smartwatch  related in the comments below.

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